An ancient human who has wandered a dystopian, overgrown earth for eternities. 
"All there is - is the earth and the roots. Are you here? Settled under nature's hum. Beneath its sound. With the silence and sentiment, the emotion and the fear. Humanity’s faded splashes of beauty, and our wretched squalor. My lonely, miserable humanity." -Jun 
In a distant future, after a great war, humanity is left in near extinction. The few humans that weathered the turmoil survived because of implants - cybernetic augmentations. Jun is one of few left on earth. And he, so heavily augmented, believes that he has lost his humanity. Jun alone and ageless questions his reality cursed to wander an overgrown earth, splashed with remnants of the pre-war life he yearns for.
Under the mentorship of veteran concept artist Alex Figini, I learned to design and create this 3D character, Jun, for his learned squared class "Concepting in Zbrush".
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