A graphical representation of creativity’s order and chaos.
I was briefed by Thought At Work to develop a compelling opening sequence to represent the order and chaos of creativity.
The goal of this project was to contrast the elegant, ordered, and isolated aspects of creativity with the loose, fun, chaotic aspects of creativity. In this sequence, each shape is an idea, and once the right ones build into each other, suddenly the ideas explode into a loose fun representation of creativity's chaos. 
Mind Maps and Storyboards
Abstracting convergence and collaboration.
At the start of every project, I use mind maps to find the essence of the creative brief.
Then, I establish a goal for the project.
Then, I dive into storyboarding.
I use my storyboards as a way to problem solve through the composition of the sequence, without getting lost in the detail of final style. Simple black and white allow me to find a base minimum viable product that can work under a variety of different styles. 

Serendipity through animation
Over the course of this project, I did a few animation studies to identify how I could transition between the minimal blue line scene to the crazy shapes. I had ideas to jump straight from one shape to another, have the lines converge inward and shapes explode out or have the lines slowly curves,  as they split into and mask each other. After experimenting with rough motion sketches and boards.
Generative Art is Bae
For this project, I used Cinema 4d to quickly iterate through large masses of large quantities of splines. In the style frames, I created patterns in illustrator, then brought them into Cinema to create mograph effector goodness. I exported the 3d objects as vectors with sketch and toon with the help of some friends, wrote some tasty illustrator scripts to randomly change fills, strokes, and colours.
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