Thought At Work - Visual Direction

To create mixed media visuals that communicated collaboration, connection, and moxie by literally collaborating.
Thought At Work is a three-day, student-run, student-focused design conference that takes place every October at Rochester Institute of Technology. 
As a team we developed the concept. Alongside a peer I was tasked with digital asset generation and projection mapping for the shoot.
Visually represent the essence and identity of Thought At Work. 
The Approach 
Every person in the TAW team generated mood boards and keywords to help communicate what they believed Thought At Work was. Together we reduced the references and ideas down to three keywords and a handful of final muse imagery. 
Industrial designers built a form, New Media Designers made digital assets. We projected the assets onto the physical form and then photographed it all. 
Photographers: Emily Kordovich, Mike Dicola 
Digital Artists & Projection Mappers: Luka Schultz, Alec Burns
Sculptors: Zoe Gomer, Elizabeth Rintels
Lead Art & Creative Director: Caleb Payne
A Louder World - Motion Design
The Reel - Application Design
Idols - Title Design
Ascension - 3D Stills
Journey Under Oak - Character Design
Steam Redesign
Imagine RIT Poster Series
The Innocuous Life of Jessica Grey - Title Design
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